Each week we have a new quiz, and everybody who gets the answer right, is placed on our scoreboard, with 1 point for each week they have participated with a correct answer.

Week 7 - 2018

Which plane/helicopter is this?

We need your answer no later than Sunday 18/2.

The solution will be available the following Monday together with next weeks quiz.

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Each participant will be shown with correct number of answers, and the number of weeks he or she has participated in the quiz.

Fx. Name (2/6) (Number of correct weeks/Number of weeks participated) = James Bond (2/6).


Result 2018
Week 6. Jan Stig Andersen (5/5), John Whistler (5/5), Erik Alexandersen (5/5), Uffe R. B. Andersen (5/5), Lars Michael Nielsen (5/5), Kurt Termansen (5/5), Søren Jessen (5/5), Thomas Nielsen (5/5), Gunnar Rugaard (5/5), Oren Yehuda (5/5), Ebbe Olsen (5/5), Sérgio Lemos (5/5), Lbop (5/5), Bjarne Hansen (5/5), Lincoln Prince (5/5), Henrik Jakobsen (5/5), Ole Korsvig (4/4), Karsten Termansen (4/4), Josef Huber (2/2).

There were 19 participants in the weekly quiz, and there were 19 correct answers.



Jan Stig Andersen (49/49), Erik Alexandersen (49/49), Uffe R. B. Andersen (49/49), Lars Michael Nielsen (49/49) og Kurt Termansen (49/49). is presented by