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Aircraft Recognition is about being able to distinguish between different aircrafts. Military around the world invest many ressources on education in aircraftrecognition, so that their pilots and soldiers know the difference between a friend or foe.

It is also in the interest of many civilian spotters to be able to distinguish between different planes and helicopters.

Airshows in Denmark

It has become a tradition that the big airshows in Denmark are held alternately by the Air Force (Danish Air Show) and Roskilde Airshow.

The Danish Air Show will be held in equal years and will alternate between the three Wings, while “Roskilde Airshow” will be held in odd years at Roskilde Airport.

Danish Airshow: https://danishairshow.dk has been cancelled in 2024. It will be back in 2025.

Roskilde Airshow will take place august 23-24 2025.

Roskilde airshow: http://www.airshow.dk

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